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Morrison On The Markets provides commodity-market insights using tools of technical analysis. Ken Morrison has applied these tools successfully for over 30 years. Each market day, Ken will share what he’s trading with his own risk capital and why. His methods focus on anticipating market trends rather than reacting. He believes in transparency and will provide subscribers periodic results based on actual returns to his own risk capital. In sharing his insights, experience, and applying technical analysis; Ken aims to help you make better marketing decisions and remove much of the emotion from the process.  More ...

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October 3, 2022 - Author: Ken Morrison
On-farm stocks of wheat were estimated at 33% of the U.S. total September 1st and 170 million bushels more than a year ago. Historically, that's a very large share in producer hands which also means wheat inventories in commercial hands is the smallest in over 15 years.

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