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Ken Morrison began his professional career trading commodities at Cargill, where he held numerous leadership positions in the U.S. and Asia over 27 years. Before launching MorrisonOnTheMarkets.com, he was managing director of Doane Advisory Services, where he launched a Web-based daily subscriber service to share his experience and technical market insights on 12 commodities. For most of his career, he has studied and effectively applied technical analysis to improve trading results and manage risk in numerous commodities.

From 1996 to 2004, Ken and his wife, Helene, lived in Singapore and Shanghai, where he spearheaded the development of a grain and oilseed distribution business throughout Southeast Asia and launched a high-value feed product in China. Ken experienced the region's significant growth as well as the Asian economic crisis that resulted from the widespread decoupling of local currencies from the U.S. dollar. This experience gave him a special appreciation for the importance of sound risk management during volatile markets. It also enabled him to better understand the impact of improving incomes and diets on global markets. Agriculture is an alternative energy source that also competes with food demand. As such, it will continue to attract new investment capital into the market, adding volatility, increasing trading opportunities, and mandating the need for effective tools to manage risks and enhance pricing decisions.

Ken is excited to provide subscribers to MorrisonOnTheMarkets.com with insights into the technical analysis tools he uses to make money in trading commodities, and he'll also provider users with his actual trades and results. He encourages and always appreciates your feedback, comments, and suggestions on how to improve the service to help you make money and better trading decisions. While he will do his best to respond to your inquiries, he cannot provide individual market advice.

"Your market insights provide a valuable service and solid education to those who may not be familiar with the technical side of the markets. "

"You've done a great job staying attuned to these markets. I appreciate your technical insights and analysis."

"I am continually learning more about the markets from your insights. The methods you apply have obviously been successful. They work."

"One thing I have learned from your insights is that technical market tools are widely used by traders and commodity fund managers in today's market environment."

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